Posting to Social Media Made Quick and Easy

JustPost is dedicated to help you simplify posting to Social Media. Manage all your profiles and pages from one place!


Post once, Publish everywhere

Update all your social network pages and profiles from one place. Group all your connections together if you represent multiple entities on the web and save a whole bunch of time. Justpost will help you keep your audience engaged and entertained by making the publishing process quick, consistent and easy.

Schedule Your Posts

Post your content when you want and when you need it to be seen. The scheduling feature gives you the ability to reach your posts maximum effectiveness when your target audience is most likely to be available.

Fast and Simple Social Network Publishing

Our main objective is to simplify your Social Media Management. Our dashboard is easy on the eyes and simpler to use than our competition. Post your content with ease and without wasting time with unwanted pages and pricey options. Justpost allows you manage multiple social media accounts, ultimately saving you time to allocate to other duties.

Keep Your Audience Entertained

Our app's capabilities allow you to keep your audience informed and entertained. You don't have to login into your social media accounts daily to do that anymore.

Keep Track of Your Activity

The history feature lets you view previous posts and the time posted. This can help you or your team keep track of your activity and evaluate what posts that have been published. You can disable or clear the history at any time.

JustPost offers Great Value for your time

The average person spends at least 20 hours every month posting content to social media. Time is money! By using our service, you will free up precious time. Jutpost is simply the most user friendly and affordable tool on the web for Social Media Management you’ll find.

Social Networks That We Support

We currently support the following Social Networks:

FacebookFacebook Pages, Profiles, and Groups
TwitterTwitter Profiles
LinkedInLinkedIn Profiles and Companies

We will Support the following Social Networks in the future:




2 Connections
50 Posts/day
Image Uploading
Automatic Twitter Splitting

Need More? Try our Unlimited Plan Risk-free with our 30-days Money Back Guarantee


UNLIMITED Connections
Image Uploading
Automatic Twitter Splitting

Frequently Asked Questions

How can JustPost save me time and money?

The average person that is involved in social media marketing spends several hours every week publishing the needed content on time. Using JustPost, you are able to minimize that time significantly, and therefore save your valuable resources. JustPost is worth your money, no matter how much your time is worth.

Why should I automate my social media posting?

Being able to automate and schedule your social media posts allows you to catch your audience at the best time, even if you are busy. You can also start promoting your products more effectively by scheduling your announcements to be posted multiple times throughout the day.

How is JustPost better than the alternative solutions?

JustPost focuses on the simplicity of the user interface. We believe that using social media should be as easy as speaking to people. JustPost’s services are the most affordable! Our competitors charge up to $100 for the same features we offer for a much more affordable price.

What payments methods do you accept?

We accept major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

Can I cancel my subscription if I'm not happy?

Our service is commitment free. You can subscribe and cancel whenever you wish. With our 30 days money-back guarantee, you can try our service risk-free!

Is my data secure with JustPost?

We use military grade encryption to ensure maximum data security. We also let the professionals at Stripe handle your sensitive credit card information instead of storing it internally. Also, all connections to our servers are encrypted via a highly secure TLS connection.

Why are you much cheaper than competitors?

We built our system with Cutting Edge Hardware and Software Technology, that allows us to maximize the automation and efficiency of our SAAS (Software As A Service) systems. Our data and servers are managed by us and not by a third party provider. Therefore, we can keep our operations costs very low with competitive pricing by keeping the work in house.

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